IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Application About the Programm

About the Program

The IOFF Fellowships Program invites young Ophthalmologists from low-resource or underserved countries to apply for an IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship. Fellows are expected to bring their acquired knowledge and skills back to their native countries and participate in programs to preserve vision and prevent blindness.

It is the generous participation of many training centers around the world, who are responsible for the success of the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Program. All centers agree not to charge any fees for providing IOFF-Subspecialty Fellows with excellent scientific and clinical training. IOFF Subspecialty Fellowship Hosts try to assure a positive experience for the fellow, both inside and outside of the hospital. The IOFF Subspecialty Fellowship Office and hosts keep in close contact during the fellowship period in order to take best care of the individual. After the fellowship, both fellows and hosts report to the IOFF- Subspecialty Fellowship Office, which guarantees a continuous evaluation of the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Program. Moreover, fellows are asked to keep on reporting to the Fellowship Office upon return to their countries of origin, which allows a long-term assessment of the fellowship achievements. These reports verify the sustainability, the usefulness and efficiency of the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Program.

IOFF-Three-Months Subspecialty Fellowships are offered in Cataract Surgery, Community Eye Health, Cornea and External Diseases, Glaucoma, Low Vision and Rehabilitation, Medical Retina, Microbiology/Ocular Pathology/Ocular Oncology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Ocular Oncology, Oculoplastic, Ophthalmo-Genetic, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, Retinoblastoma, ROP and Pediatric Retina, Strabismus, Trauma, Uveitis and Vitreoretina.

The IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowships do not support training in Refractive Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery.
In a later step IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowships will be offered also with one-year duration.

The relevance of the planned training to the candidate’s home institution and country receives particular attention in the assessment, as well as the ICO Exams which are highly recommended.

From the very beginning, anonymous private benefactors as well as pharmaceutical companies and organizations such as Ursapharm, Santen, Carl Zeiss Meditec, CBM, AOI, DOG, Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete Foundation have donated considerable amounts on a regular basis and have enhanced the possibilities of the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Program tremendously.

Detailed information on the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Program is available on and through IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowships Executive Cordula Gabel-Obermaier:

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