About IOFF

Prof. Dr. Peter Gabel

Founded the German based charitable IOFF e. V. in 2007 to raise funds for three-month fellowships and chairs the organization.
During his tenures as consultant Ophthalmologist at the Eyeclinic of the Ludwig- Maximilians University in Munich and later as Director of the Eyeclinic of the Franz-Josef-Strauß University in Regensburg he has supervised many fellows from abroad and likes keeping touch with them to see their performances in Ophthalmology. He enjoys sailing and travelling to Italy.
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Prof. Dr. Berthold Seitz

Vice chair of the IOFF e. V. and Director for IOFF Subspecialty Fellowships. Being director of the Eyeclinic of the University of Saarland he is involved in professional education on an every day basis, so he knows well about the importace of solid training. In collaboration with Lions Clubs International and the Klaus Faber Foundation Saarbrücken he has set up a large eye bank in his Department and supplies the south-western part of Germany and adjacent parts of France with Cornea transplants.
When he is not in the clinic he enjoys listening to Music and plays the piano.
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CV Berthold Seitz
Hubert Graf von Treuberg

Hubert Graf von Treuberg

Supports the IOFF e. V.  as treasurer and audits the financial matters  since the start of IOff e. V.. In his professional life he held the position of the chairman of the board at Ernst and Young and was president of the German Association of Auditors and Accountants.
He enjoys wandering through the Bavarian mountains and working in his garden.
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Cordula Gabel-Obermaier

Cordula Gabel-Obermaier

Serves as Executive for IOFF Subspecialty Fellowships and General Secretary. In her last position, which she held for more than 11 years, she gained a lot of experience supporting more than 900 three-months fellowships and 30 one-year fellowships from application to their stay abroad.
In her free time she likes bicycle riding and mountain hiking.
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