The IOFF – Subspecialty Fellowship Application Process.

The IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Application Process

Please download all necessary documents for your application. The documents can be completed directly as a Word file and sent back by email. In case you print the forms on paper, please complete the forms legibly in block letters and send us the scanned forms by email. Please note: there is a 20MB size limit for the application forms and all documents (zip-file).

Word File
Candidates Declaration
Word File
Candidate Research and Publication Activity
Word File
Current Teaching Activity
Word File
Voluntary Work Testimonial
Word File
Previous Chair’s Testimonial
Word File
Present Chair’s Testimonial
Word File
Host Notice of Acceptance
Word File
Candidate Conference Activity
Word File
Candidate Details
Word File
Candidate Employment
Word File
Candidate Fellowships Plans
Word File
Candidate Qualification

IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Process

Eligible candidates come from low-resource or underserved countries.
The actual list of countries can be seen here.

  • Candidate fills in the application package and includes requested documents
    + Scan of the passport showing nationality
    + Candidate‘s picture (portait)
    + Scan of Specialist in Ophthalmology degree certificate
    + Recommendation letter issued by present chair
    + Recommendation letter issued by previous chair
    + Recommendation letter from the chair of the voluntary workposition
    + Scans of ICO Exams certificates (if any)
  • Candidate submits file to for the eligibility determination
  • The IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Executive confirms eligibility OR requests further details/documents.
    Eligible candiates receive back the application file from the IOFF Subspecialty Fellowship Executive for further processing.
  • Candiate chooses his/her favorite host from the IOFF-Subspeciality Fellowship Network and contacts the host with a training request and the application package.
  • Host recieves the application package for his/her consideration.
  • Host notifies the candidate within 2 weeks if he/she would like to offer a vacancy.
  • Host and candidate agree on a proposed start date
    Closing Date: February 28 – Fellowship starts between August 1 same year and May 1 the year after
    Closing Date: July 31 – Fellowship starts between February 1 next year and November 1 the year after
  • Host completes the host notice of acceptance form and shares it with the candidate and the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Executive at
  • Now the application file is complete and will be assessed by a jury consisiting of three experts
  • Candidates and Hosts will be notified in April, resp. October if the application was successful or not
  • Candidate applies for visa, arranges his/her stay abroad (travel, accommodation) and completes paperwork requested by the host institute (e.g. documents, vaccinations, medial check-up, if applicable: temporary Registration with the Medical Authorities)
  • Candidate submits the requested documents and bank information to the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Executive so that grant amount can be released and wired
  • After finishing of the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship stay: candidate completes end-of-documentation and submits it to the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Executive
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